South Asia Screen Network

We are also coming up with another visionary initiative of SAFACH: SASN, South-East Asia Screen Network. It shall be the first ever platform to help the film fraternity across South & South-East Asia to interact with each other and seek collaborations, joint-ventures, co-productions, distribution partnerships, line-production & technical support, provide internship opportunities for young film aspirants, organize workshops etc. In a nutshell, to network with each other and to proliferate a more prodigious mutual relationship.

We propose to induct eminent Film Personalities from across South-East Asia as Honorary Members & young professionals as Regular Members;
each country shall be having own governing body headed by Honorary Chairman & Honorary Secretary.
The concept of this versatile platform grew from the idea that Cinema & Art in South Asia are inter-connected, and they get nurtured from each-other in sensibility & craft. Our shared antecedents of the geographical, linguistic & historical legacy, were in earnest requirement of a forum to help each other connect on a creative platform. This shall enrich our craft of cinematic story-telling immensely.

Also, Cinema and Art has power to bring peace & harmony, and envisage for a more compassionate world around us.