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South Asia Forum for Art & Creative Heritage

The Core Charter of SAFACH is to encourage Creative & Artistic collaborations among all the South & South-East Asian nations. Its vision is to propagate the message of peace and harmony. Cinema, is perhaps the most popular & impactful medium to facilitate this. IVIFF is a zealous attempt in this direction. It creates a networking platform for the Film Fraternity from across South Asia to celebrate and facilitate cinema-making among the nations which share a common linguistic, historical and cultural legacy.

SAFACH aspires to become a strong medium to facilitate dialogues between the creative industries of South-East Asian nations. The Indus Valley Civilization began on the Indus river. In time, there were several invasions & separate kingdoms were formed. But eventually, people mingled to form a common culture in art, traditions, cuisine, religions, festival, sports & literature. Despite some differences, the "way of life" is still similar in all the South Asian nations and in several aspects, they overlap each other.

We, at SAFACH, aim to build bridges of friendship & connections among the people to build sustained & lasting peace. We strive to establish a forum to share art, culture, literature etc among these South Asian countries that sprang from similar historical & traditional backgrounds. Fundamentally, it is a step to preserve our art & culture and pass it on stronger to the coming generations of this region.

SAFACH is an NGO, registered as a Public Charitable Trust in India, having Income tax exemption under the sections 12AA and 80G. All donations to SAFACH are eligible for income tax rebate under section 80G.