Dying Candle

Dying Candle (2016)​

Directed by: Naresh Kumar KC
2h 6min | Drama , Family | 16 December 2016 | Nepal
A sister fights all odds to take care of her young brother, until things fall apart, and she is left with no option, but sell her dignity to save him.

Pataakha (2018)​

Directed by: Vishal Bhardwaj
2h 14min | Action , Comedy , Drama | 28 September 2018 | India
Based on Charan Singh Pathik's short story Do Behnein, Pataakha narrates the story of two feuding sisters who realize the true nature of their relationship only after marriage separates them.

Haldaa (2017)​

Directed by: Tauquir Ahmed
2h 30min | Drama | 8 December 2017 | Bangladesh
Halda; a river in south-eastern Bangladesh; The one and only natural fish breeding center in Asia. The movie plot is based on the river halda and the struggling life of the fishermen's on both sides.

Jhalki ... A Different Childhood (2019)

Directed by: Brahmanand S Singh
Drama | Unreleased | India
A lyrical story of lost childhood, against the powerful backdrop of child slavery and human trafficking. It is a heart-rending but inspiring story of a nine-year old street-smart girl…
Jhalki 3
Thanha Rathi Ranga

Thanha Rathi Ranga (2014)

Directed by: Nilendra Deshapriya
1h 35min | Drama | 17 October 2014 | Sri Lanka
Three friends embark on a journey to a land that was once forbidden but a sudden encounter forces them to return to yet another land of turmoil and terror.

Umeed (2019)

Directed by: Rajat Mukherjee
2h 15min | Documentary, Drama, Family | 2019 | India
Based on real life events of drug abuse.

Manto (2018)

Directed by: Nandita Das
1h 52min | Biography , Drama | 21 September 2018 | India
The film is a biographical account of writer Saadat Hasan Manto's life and is set in 1940s India.

Teefa in Trouble (2018)

Directed by: Ahsan Rahim
2h 35min | Action , Comedy , Crime | 20 July 2018 | Pakistan
Teefa goes to Poland to get Anya to Pakistan to marry Butt gangster's son but lands up in trouble with Anya's gangster father and the Polish police.

Rave (2019)

Directed by: Rajat Mukherjee

Motorcycle Girl (2018)

Directed by: Adnan Sarwar
2h 1min | Biography | 20 April 2018 | Pakistan
Based on the boundary-breaking motorcycle journeys of Zenith Irfan who, at 20 years of age, is the first Pakistani woman to have made a solo motorcycle journey through the northern regions of the country.

Mahanati (2018)

Directed by: Nag Ashwin
2h 57min | Biography, Drama | 8 May 2018 | India
Biography of Savitri, an actress from South India movie industry, who ruled the industry for two decades during 50s and 60s.

Punjab Nahi Jaungi (2017)

Directed by: Nadeem Baig
2h 39min | Comedy , Romance | 31 August 2017 | Pakistan
A man vows to win the heart of the woman he loves.
PunjabNahiJaungi 2

October (2018)

Directed by: Shoojit Sircar
1h 55min | Drama, Romance | 13 April 2018 | India
A group of interns are going through the usual grind when suddenly an accident changes their lives. The protagonist can't get let go of it and becomes obsessed with it. What does it all lead to? Is it love or something else?

Na Maloom Afraad (2014)

Directed by: Nabeel Qureshi
2h 17min | Action , Comedy , Crime | 6 October 2014 | Pakistan
Three men unwittingly becomes prey of a ruthless don after their quick-rich schemes goes awry.
Na Maloom Afraad
Na Maloom Afraad 2

Na Maloom Afraad 2 (2017)

Directed by: Nabeel Qureshi
1h 58min | Comedy , Crime , Thriller | 1 September 2017 | Pakistan
This is a sequel to 2014 comedy "Na Maloom Afrad" ("Unknown men"). Three unfortunate souls plan a big heist on their shortcut to wealth but things go comically wrong along the way.

Nagarkirtan (2017)

Directed by: Kaushik Ganguly
1h 53min | Drama | 2017 | India
Nagarkirtan is a Bengali movie released on 1 Jan, 2017. The movie is directed by Kaushik Ganguly and featured Ritwick Chakraborty and Riddhi Sen as lead characters.

Moor (2015)

Directed by: Jami
1h 40min | Drama | 14 August 2015 | Pakistan
After the death of the family's matriarch, her husband and son must confront not only the corruption in society around them but the corruption within themselves.

Bhor (2018)

Directed by: Kamakhya Narayan Singh
1hr 31min| Drama | 22 Nov 2018 | India
Director Kamakhya Narayan Singh's film tackles the themes of open defecation and women empowerment through the lens of Bihar's Musahar community.

Ho Mann Jahaan (2015)

Directed by: Asim Raza
2h 50min | Drama , Musical | 1 January 2016 | Pakistan
The film is a reflection of the struggle between individuals seeking to exercise free will but also attracted to conformity.

Dobara Phir Se (2016)

Directed by: Mehreen Jabbar
2h 7min | Drama | 25 November 2016 | Pakistan
Film's story revolves around a character of a divorced Pakistani woman based in New York who visits an upscale Connecticut suburb to visit her estranged ex-mother-in-law.
Dobara Phir Se

Dhappa (2018)

Directed by: Nipun Avinash Dharmadhikari
Drama | India
A group of children residing in an urban housing society questions religious boundaries being forced upon them through their innocence.

Love in 7 Days (2018)

Saat Din Mohabbat In (original title)
Directed by: Farjad Nabi, Meenu Gaur
2h 18min | Comedy , Romance | 15 June 2018 | Pakistan
The story follows a young man on a quest to find his true love in a crowded Karachi neighbourhood. He must overcome the obstacles, both spiritual and physical, to achieve his goals.
To let

To Let (2017)

Directed by: Chezhiyan
1 hr 39 min | Drama | India
Illango is an assistant film director living with his wife Amudha and their five-year-old son Siddharth, in a rented apartment. Their landlady is eager to lease that house to IT professionals for a higher rent, so she suddenly issues the family a 30-day notice to vacate.

Youth Won't Come Again (2015)

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani (original title)
Directed by: Nadeem Baig
2h 36min | Adventure , Comedy , Musical | 25 September 2015 | Pakistan
A single divorce lawyer takes his three married friends on a vacation to escape their wives.

Youth Won't Come Again 2 (2018)

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 (original title)
Directed by: Nadeem Baig
2h 45min | Comedy | 22 August 2018 | Pakistan
Sheikh (Vasay Chaudhry) and Pervez (Ahmed Ali Butt) are now settled back into their mundane lives when suddenly Pervez's brother-in-law, Rahat (Fahad Mustafa), who had been out of touch for the past 10 years resurfaces, and invites his sister, Lubna (Uzma Khan), and her family to come visit him in Turkey.


Directed by: Snehasis Das
Drama | 2019 | India
The Oriya-language film centres on Kokoli and her boyfriend, who sets out to build a wall to keep towering waves from destroying and uprooting his village - a task he must succeed at in order to win her mother’s approval.

Actor in Law (2016)

Directed by: Nabeel Qureshi
1h 56min | Comedy , Drama , Romance | 9 September 2016 | Pakistan
Estranged from his attorney father, an aspiring actor poses as a lawyer who becomes a celebrity for taking on difficult cases.

A Cup Of Coffee (2019)

Directed by: Harsh Narayan
18 min | Romantic Drama | Short Film | India
Can a cup of coffee be shared by two complete strangers?
A Cup Of Coffee

Padmaavat (2018)

Directed by: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
2h 44min | Drama, History, Romance | 25 January 2018 | India
Set in medieval Rajasthan, Queen Padmavati is married to a noble king and they live in a prosperous fortress with their subjects until an ambitious Sultan hears of Padmavati's beauty and forms an obsessive love for the Queen of Mewar.


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