Benefits to Our Partners

Besides being at coign of vantage in this journey of creating history in the area of film festivals, our Partners will also benefit in that your Brand, along with the Festival publicity, will be adequately promoted through:
  • all our Communication materials
  • across South Asia through our Media partners in each country
  • SAFACH Network & Intranet platforms across South Asian nations
There will be extensive Social & Digital media publicity which would facilitate our Partners by providing:
  • brand integration opportunities through Celebrity announcements on Social Media
  • excellent opportunity to reach youth of South Asia in large number. We are expecting around 5000 foot-falls each day at the venue of the Festival
  • February and March, being the spring season, is a time when a large number of people come-out for festivities
We have trotted out a vibrant bouquet of Advertising Opportunities through IVIFF website; its social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube. Customize your own Social Media campaign through our pages. Our valued Partners shall also have the privilege of:
  • special passes in the Opening & Closing Ceremonies, and evening music & dance events
  • hobnobbing opportunities with celebrities over cocktail parties
  • warm invitation to the senior officials of your company at all our events as Guests of Honour

Contact us for some amazing Sponsorship opportunities:

Alok Mukherjee

Head of Communication

  • +91 9013 44 54 55
SAFACH is an NGO, registered as a Public Charitable Trust in India, having Income tax exemption under the sections 12AA and 80G. All donations to SAFACH are eligible for income tax rebate under section 80G.